DH Teaching Fellows Application
Fall 2018 Digital Humanities Teaching Fellows. Photo by Mara Lavitt.



Fellows are responsible for introducing the digital humanities into their class. As a Fellow, you are required to meet with Digital Humanities Lab staff at least once before the semester starts to discuss goals (for yourself and the class), look through the syllabus, and identify what digital humanities methods or theories you will introduce to students. At different points in the semester, DHLab staff will meet with you and your cohort to provide training sessions and discuss different approaches to teaching the material.

Fellows are also expected to attend occasional cohort meetings during the semester. These are opportunities to learn what everyone is doing in their classes and to share any successes or challenges you encounter.

DH in the Classroom

Which and how digital humanities methods or theories are integrated depends on the scope and goals of the class.

Some Fellows introduce out-of-the-box tools to help students:

  • map social movements in New Haven,
  • create network graphs of characters in a play,
  • crowdsource annotations to develop close reading strategies, or
  • perform text mining to study linguistic trends in novels.

For other classes, Fellows might:

  • showcase projects that tie into the course topic or
  • lead discussions on digital humanities readings

Eligibility & Application

PhD students with a teaching appointment are eligible to apply.

If you have a teaching appointment for the next semester and are interested in a Digital Humanities Teaching Fellowship, please email the DHLab for more information.